Natural and Organic Skincare Routine

My natural and organic skincare routine, morning and night


greenfashionistas natural and toxic free skincare routine

I've always been very interested in beauty and love to try new products, it wasn't until a couple of years ago when I realised how much shit and nasties there are in your everyday staples. Here are reasons to chose natural skincare: 


1. Parabens

Parabens, also known as methylparabens, propylparabens, butylparabens, and ethylparabens, help preserve shelf-life of products. Hence almost all skincare product have this, when you start to look it is scary how much toxins there are in the most common products and how much toxic products that we put on our face - maybe it isn't so strange that our skin gets so bad after a while? 

So what does Parabens do? They can mimic estrogen in the body disrupting our delicate hormonal balance. And are therefor linked to breast cancer, and they can also lead to reproductive and fertility issues.


2. Harmful for you and the environment

All the toxins that are in the normal, high street bought skincare is not only harmful for your own skin, but also the environment as everything washes out and finally ends up in the oceans. Meaning that what you chose to put on your face eventually ends up in the oceans, which them comes back to you when you eat fish from the ocean, see how everything is circular and it comes back to you? (A bit like Justin Timberlakes song, what goes around comes back around)


3. It's cheaper. 

Do you know how cheap it is to use your own natural products? I literally buy everything from Amazon, it lasts forever and I probably spend about £5 (!!!) in total per month on my skincare, if even that. 


My natural and organic morning skincare routine:  

  1. I start by washing my face in cold water - this helps with tightening your pores and are therefore good to protect your skin from ageing and harmful sun rays.
  2. Then I spray rosewater on my face to moisture
  3. Then I finish off with either Argan Oil or Rosehip Oil (rosehip oil dries faster on your skin but argan oil feels more moisturizing)  

See how short and easy that was? I've always been a strong believer in that things should be easy and to not over complicate it. I've had about 9 pimples in my whole life, and I'm 23 and have been through puberty.


My natural and organic evening skincare routine:  

  1. I start by washing my face with water
  2. Then I cleanse it with coconut oil, for extra exfoliation I sometimes add coffee (used coffee grounds) to the coconut oil after I've rinsed away all my makeup and dirt from the day. I then gently exfoliates my face with the coffee and coconut paste and after this my face feels like a baby's bum, no kidding. 
  3. Then I spray rosewater on my face to moisture.
  4. I then moisturise with Egyptian Magic during the winter months, or if I'm dry in the summertime (this is like real magic for dry skin). In the summer months I like to use almond oil because it is a little lighter on my skin. 

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