What is Sustainable Fashion and how do you create a sustainable wardrobe?

What is sustainable fashion?

The word sustainability is being thrown around like it's the new black, but what does it mean? And does it mean the same thing to everyone?

This is the hard thing today, things get lost in translation and one word can mean so many different things to different people.

According to google, the definition of sustainability is "the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level." I believe this is what it is all about, Sustainable fashion is something that we can maintain without destroying our planet, animals or people living on it.

The dangerous thing today is that people see sustainable fashion everywhere and feel that they need to change their whole wardrobe in order to be sustainable, but wait a minute, is it really sustainable to buy more things? To buy new things even though you might have what you need already? The most sustainable option is what you already have in your closet, and if that is not enough, look second hand, if you don't have enough time (let's be honest, who has 2 hours on a sunday to go second hand shopping for a new white t-shirt?), find a sustainable alternative, like Organic Basics for instance.

I understand that each and everyone of us is different, and maybe you need something for that party tonight and you don't have time to go shopping, so the only alternative you have is to go to asos and get that dress. But don't stress over one bad decision, the key to success in this is to make majority of the good decisions, and to understand in what way you can be sustainable, that is sustainable for you. We can't force people to change, we need to understand that people are different and help eachother to find our own paths to change.

For some it might be to go second hand shopping, for some it might be to find cute and unique sustainable and ethical brands, for some it might be to stop buying anything altogether, and for some it might be to go for the slightly better options like Arket. The important thing is that you do something and don't stay ignorant, if we all take one step in the right direction we will be on a good way to creating a sustainable planet to live on.


What does my sustainable wardrobe look like?

So now you are all probably wondering what I do, and how I adopt to being more sustainable. I make sure to use everything I have, and keep it for a very long time, or steal from my mom haha. If I don't have what I really need, or something might break and it is to doomed to be amended (yes I do amend my clothes if they break before I throw them out, thank you grandma for teaching me how to sew), I look for the best option, which can take me DAYS. Most of the time I end up not buying anything because my patience run out.

Sometimes I find something that I believe is good enough and that I know I will use, because it is more important to buy something you know you will use than to buy the MOST sustainable option, because then it might end up on your shelf and die of dust, and we don't want that.

For me it's all a balance of being good to the planet but also true to yourself, to not consume when you don't need to and to be thrifty and find unique solutions. For instance my skincare routine is only natural products, mostly one ingredients, this way I know that it has less impact than going to a branded version which will give me the same or worse result. I've become really good at natural skincare now and know what works best for me. But this is another discussion that I can bring up in another post. Or go and check out my highlights on Instagram to see my night time routine.

How to create a sustainable wardrobe step by step:

  1. Don't buy anything new and be creative with what you have! Clothes can be worn different ways and feel like new.
  2. Amend your clothes if they break (I can do a post later on how to amend your clothes)
  3. If you have to buy something new, try to find it second hand (I know it takes time, so try to plan ahead if you know you need something)
  4. Find a sustainable brand to buy from (There are loads of new cool brands, take a look at my instagram to see a selection)
  5. Steal from your mom, or boyfriend! Poor guy, I always steal clothes from him, It's so convenient and I mean as many t-shirts as he has he is not gonna notice one being gone for a week or so..

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