Tommy Hilfiger Denim Centre Trip - New Sustainable Denim Range

I am sure many of you have already seen on Instagram that I've been to Amsterdam with Tommy Hilfiger to visit their Denim Centre. For those who hasn't seen, here is a small recap: I left London early Thursday morning, to my surprise it was snowing, and snow means luck so a very good start of the trip! When I arrived in Amsterdam the chauffeur was waiting to take me to Soho House where we stayed for the night and also where the dinner was in the evening.

When I arrived at my room there was a bag with a sweater in, so thoughtful as I'm sure they knew how cold it was and that I am very bad at packing so I definitely needed that warm sweater!

Tommy are now focusing on sustainable denim and have created the first 100% denim jacket and are now creating a whole sustainable collection coming to stores soon. They have invested in new washing machines that uses 70% less water and less energy in the washing process, instead of using stone washing to create the worn out and trashed jean look they are using this new machine to do it instead, which shortens the process from around 3-4 hours to 20 minutes, saving both water and energy.

As the Greenfashionista, a conscious fashion fighter, I am truly happy to see that the big brands are starting to care and are starting to change the industry in terms of sustainability and consciousness. I was a bit shocked when Tommy Hilfiger invited me to this denim centre, as I thought that the brand is not very sustainable and I didn't really see my fit, but I am very happy that I decided to go as they are very sustainable and are constantly moving towards a more sustainable process in their manufacturing.

Have a look at their sustainable collection here!

We also got the opportunity to personalize our own denim jackets, It was super hard to think of what to do but I decided to put my instagram name, , and a big Tommy logo on the back, and on the front I put my name in small cursive and a small Tommy label on the end of the arm. I am very happy with the result and will definitely be using this when the weather is warmer! The team was super nice and helpful x

This is the whole team of influencers who was there, I loved meeting you all and had a great time!

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XX Greenfashionista

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