Greenfashionistas top 5 Sustainable Magazines

In the beginning of my journey to sustainability I remember how difficult I thought it was to read about it and to know where to read about ethical and sustainable fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Therefore I thought that I would share my top 5 sustainable magazines with you, to make your journey to sustainable living easier! 



  1. The Good Trade

  2. Pebble Mag

  3. Luxiders Mag

  4. Ecomogul Mag

  5. Peppermint Mag



The Good Trade

The Good trade: greenfashionistas top 5 sustainable magazines

The good trade is your everyday kind of mag, it is relaxed and has a very calm feeling to it. They cover fashion, beauty, home and self. I love that they talk a lot about emotions and the deeper meaning, a little bit spiritual and not just your regular fashion mag where there is no deeper emotions involved (unless you are a fashionista like me and a picture can make your heart skip a beat, or a bag, a pair of shoes.. you know what I mean). 


Pebble Mag

bPebble Mag: Greenfashionistas top 5 sustainable magazines

Pebble mag is more focused on news in the sustainable world, but also tips and tricks to make your life more sustainable. I would say they are a bit more towards sustainable living than fashion, but covers both! Their aesthetic is a little cleaner than The Good Trade (who have an amazing aesthetic that is soothing), pebble is a bit more like your next door smart neighbour you can tell you everything about the world. 


Luxiders Mag

Luxiders mag: Greenfashionistas top 5 sustainable magazines

Luxiders is definitely more luxury, this is one of my absolute favourites both in terms of aesthetics but also their articles. They focus more on fashion and art, but also covers lifestyle and other bits. Their article about the different fashion certifications is really good to help you understand how the certifications work! 


Ecomogul Mag

Ecomogul: Greenfashionistas top 5 sustainable magazines

Ecomogul mag feels a bit more millennial and cool, they are a bit better than the rest to cover menswear which is good, so definitely a magazine for both genders!


Peppermint Mag

Peppermint mag: Greenfashionistas top 5 sustainable magazines

Peppermin mag is a super cool contemporary magazine, they have a really nice offline magazine which you can subscribe to from their website - definitely worthy as instagram decor material for you flat-lays or on your coffee table. 



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