What are you doing for world environment day?

Today is the world environment day, where the thought is that we do something that is good for our planet, so what are you doing? Feeling lost? Here is our top tips for what you easily can do to make a change.


It's obvious, it's been in the media for a while now and we are all aware that going vegan is better for our planet, and the animals living on it, and also for our own bodies! So what are you waiting for? If you are not ready to go 100% vegan, which I do understand, today is the day to try it out for a whole day! Especially if you missed out on Veganuary that started the year. My partner and I actually tried veganuary, and I must say it wasn't that hard. Going vegan is a lot easier than you would think, as long as you do some reading beforehand to know how to get all the right nutritions that you need, we found that B12 is almost impossible to get from a plant based diet so we took a B12 supplement to make sure that we where staying healthy.


Try to use a little plastic as you can. This one is something I find especially difficult, living in London it is very difficult to stay away from plastic, and especially when you don't have that much time to do grocery shopping so you have to do it in your neighbourhood, making the choices very limited. But where ever you are in the world, do your best and stay away from plastic! We will post another post later this month about the different kinds of plastics and which one to prioritise to stay away from, as they are harmful in different ways and at different levels.