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SPW - Anne Therese Gennari

Sustainable Power Woman Anne Therese gennari FUN FACTS Name: Anne Therese Gennari  Occupation: Co-Founder of Role Models Management, Environmentalist Location: Ne wYork Instagram: @annetheresegennari Blog: Can’t live without: My radiating/electricity protective gloves (LOL - If I accidentally misplace them I literally freak out) Biggest fear: That everything the climate scientist have been predicting for years become true, that we don’t get to action in time Idol: Greta Thunberg. THANK YOU GIRL for saying everything I’ve been thinking for years, you’re a modern super hero This is the third part in our Sustainable Power Women Series, this time we interviewed a super inspirational Swedish girl who lives in New York.  About Anne Anne is an environmental activist living in New York, she does...

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Sustainable Power Woman - Besma Whayeb

Sustainable Power Woman Besma Whayeb FUN FACTS Name: Besma Whayeb, Curiously Conscious  Occupation: Sustainable Fashion & lifestyle blogger  Location: London, England Instagram: @besmacc Blog: Can’t live without: Twitter, oat milk lattes, and lay-ins on the weekend Biggest fear: Climate collapse will happen, and we won’t have done anything about it Idol: Emma Watson The Sustainable Power Women series features women that we think are an inspiration and are doing something good for the future of our planet, people or animals.  About besma Besma is the founder of Ethical Influencers, an official judge for the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards and a host at The Haulternative Closet. She writes purely about sustainability and has been on BBC radio amongst other news channels inspiring thw public...

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