Struggling to understand your audience? 

Not getting any attention from buyer/stockists?

We are a growth driven marketing consultancy who specialises in small brands and start-ups

We help you to build the right strategy for your brand in order to maximise profits and growth

How can we help you?

Understand your market & competition and how to differentiate your brand

Create a business plan + Financial statements

Make you brand attractive for buyers and consumers

Create marketing strategy for growth

Who is behind the LAGOM Concept? 

Madeleine Andersson, Founder & CEO

Madeleine studied Fashion Business at Istituto Marangoni, London and has worked for various companies in the Fashion field but also in fintech to gain an understanding of how the funding and investing business works. This experience gives her the ability to understand how to attract investors but also how to attract the consumers and the buyers, with her 360 degree approach to marketing. 

She has also built her own influencer profile as the, known as a sustainable influencer and has grown her profits by 150% the past three months. 

Her other venture, the LAGOM Concept, she has built from scratch, including website building, marketing strategies, business development and social media strategies. She has grown the business at a steady rate and the site traffic has increased by 118% the past month. 


Business plan

In order to make profit for a brand a business plan is vital, or if you are looking for funding you will need a business plan to show to the potential investors. 

Understand where and who your market is 
Understand your competition 
Build a clear strategySet goals and evaluate 

  • Business description (Brand story, problem solved)
  • Business Environment Analysis ( Macro, Micro Competitors)
  • Basic Marketing plan (STP, Marketing mix)
  • Financial Plan (Cash flow statement, Income statement, Balance sheet) 

Digital Marketing plan + strategy

Today everything happens online, therefore to be seen it is vital to have an online presence. It is hard to cut through the noise, so what can you do? 

We help you to create a plan and a strategy that is tailored for your business with the aim to increase your profit and awareness online, to attract customers and buyers.

  • Current Situation Analysis (Competitor & market analysis)
  • Strategy (STP, Digital branding)
  • Tactics (RACE model, customer journey, SEO, influencer marketing, social media marketing, content strategy, online PR)
  • Action (KPI's, control performance) 



What have we achieved with our clients?

Doubled revenue

Steady audience growth, 150% in the first month 

Found their magical formula for marketing strategy

Made them understand their target customer and how to sell to them


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